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Evolve[-]d Productions Presents:

Visionary Nanotech
Sept 30th 2011

Calgary’s First Visionary Art Exhibition featuring the futuristic sounds of BLUETECH
Hosted at the Endeavor Arts Gallery
Suite 200, 1209, First Street SW, Calgary AB


(Aleph Zero Records, Interchill Records, Native State Records) - HAWAII

A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software
production, Bluetech's love of melody and his exquisite sense of
sound design makes him one of the most ingenious producers today.  
His sound emerges from custom-built software instruments and
synthesizers and blossoms into a unique blend of idm, downtempo
and electro-infused dub that encompasses musical styles from
different parts of the globe.  Ripe with emotive vistas, reflective
passages and evocative depth Bluetech’s lush digital sound palate
reflects on nature’s expression of being.
Bluetech’s latest album, “Love Songs To The Source”
(Interchill Records, 2010), employs a more dub-wise and organic
sound than on his previous releases.  With the addition of live
instrumentalists and vocalists, such as Dr. Israel, Katrina Blackstone,
and Tina Malia, listeners are presented with an inviting point of
departure into the warm, spacious realms of his signature mid and
down-tempo electronica.  
In addition to “Love Songs To The Source,” Bluetech has four
releases on the internationally acclaimed Aleph Zero Records, as well
as releases on Somnia Sound, Waveform Records, Thoughtless
Music and his own Native State imprint.  Following the release of his
legendary 2005 full-length “Sines and Singularities” the New York
Times labeled Bluetech “one of the best ambient artists.” He has
toured extensively throughout the United States, as well as
performing in Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, New
Zealand, Croatia, France, Denmark, Mexico, and Canada.


-----BOOK LAUNCH-----

Design Remix and Visionary Nanotech: 
The Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex 

The name of this event is inspired by the hardcover visionary design book that will be officially launched on this night. This intentional collection contains the 10 year history of the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex, a global collective of over 100 visionary artists and designers collaborating on an ever evolving media vehicle. A sparkling 92 pages, this collection of essays is a behind-the-scene look at the creative practices, technical design, and workflow of 20 contemporary visionary culture stewards, including whole system curator and meta-poet visionary Delvin Solkinson ( and visionary design founder and open system remix vehicle visionary Sijay James ( ). Also included are design explorations by Marisa Scirocco, Eli Morgan, Justin Totemical, Mugwort Artemeisia and Brook Paulin, featuring visionary art from Robert Venosa, Guy Aitchison, Erial, Luke Brown and Xavi. Free e-versions of the book or purchase options will be available at the event. 
This official launch is the third of 3 release events, the first facilitated by Brook Paulin at Seasons Advance in Victoria on September 16th, and the second by Delvin Solkinson at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York on September 24th, as part of CoSM's fall equinox celebration.

Illumination: Geodesic Multimedia Stage Installation 
by Shaun Friesen
From drawings started in 2005, this dynamic open-medium art practice has birthed a deep field of organic fractals which have found form in ever-expanding platforms. From digital images and giclee canvases, to animation sequences and live eDrum visual remixing, to interactive iphone meta-maps and now... "Illumination". In 2011 this digital media mandala work has found form in spacial sculpture and custom stage installation; a shared vision and collaboration with Evolved Productions.

As part of  Evolved's IllumaSphere - an outdoor, mobile, community building festival venue - this geodesic remixable art system augments Buckminster Fuller's visionary engineering to amplify the transformative facilitation work of international DJ's, VJ's, and workshop speakers; the IllumaSphere has even hosted the sacred union of souls during an unexpected wedding ceremony this summer.      

If you didn't catch the dome on the 2011 festival circuit, come check out the indoor multi-HD-screened version that dissolves boundaries of medium, and unifies Calgary's visionary culture and beyond.

Plus an Enlightened Selection of work by Leading Visionary Artists from
around North America

For Artist Bio's and Visionary Imagery

 click here

-----Further Musical Support From:----

Lorne B.   (10pin Records, TheRinseOut, Homebreakin)

Jay Michael (Enig’matik Records, Evolve[-]d Productions)

Treblesum (Tycho Records)

Endeavor Art Gallery
Suite 200, 1209 First Street SW
Calgary, Alberta

Limited Capacity Event!
Tickets available at Grassroots, Endeavor Arts, or online at
$20 First 30 Tickets (online only)
$25 Regular Price
$30 At the Door