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Evolve[-]d Productions Presents:


September 17th, 2011

On September 17th 2011 Evolve[-]d Productions invites you to join us in celebration of the union of Jay Michael and Kylee Dawn. In typical Evolve[-]d style we will celebrate upon the dance floor with high tech sound, visuals, and visionary art.  This celebration will be hosted at the Hungarian Cultural Association and will be an 18+ event.  Tickets will be available soon at Grassroots and immediately

$27 for the first 100 tickets
$32 regular price
$40 at the door.

Our sonic guru's for the night are as follows.

(Australia - Addictech Records, Enig'matik Records) World Bass Glitch Hop Midtempo Grooves.

Kalya Scintilla is Yaegon Lamagier, A benevolent being incarnate from the star system womp. Drawing inspiration from Nature, Love, tribal energy, healing, sacred geometry, and many more of life's wonders. Dripping molasses over a fractal tabla, a journey through an enchanted forest, the soundtrack to an epic dreamscape. A successful attempt to resonate the heavens and earth channeled through sound waves.  Yaegon's music is quite unique in style and is definitely an interesting cross over between World Bass / Glitch Hop, and the seductive sounds of the Middle East and traditional Gypsy. His "Shimmer" EP has been given a warm welcome the world over, and currently sits at number 4 of's 2011 yearly best sellers list.

(New Zealand - Up Records, Audio Ashram Records, Zenon Records) Psychedelic Techno and Progressive Psytrance

Oscar Allison, a.k.a., Grouch, creates music igniting elevated states of ecstatic dance. Having a soul rooted connection to his homeland of Aotearoa, New Zealand, inspiration from travel, and natural ninja skills in percussion, Grouch shares a unique voice with technically minded and sounded productions. Creating a hybrid of psygressive, dub, and techno since 1999, Grouch's evolution of sound was debuted on his album "The Moof is Rooving" ( A-List Records in 2006). Staying steady like a mountain trek, Oscar continued to push the limits of progressive psychedelia, giving him track releases and artist signings to labels such as Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Zenon Records, and Audio Ashram to name a few. A force field of fresh swamp stomp is delivered in his album "Further" (UP records, 2011), which captivated groovers around the world. The Grouch experience is an intricately, profound and cheeky amalgamation of minimal phat stomping baselines creating inspiration, passion, and transforming the dance floor to higher levels of groove.

(Southern California, Independent) Tantric Fusion Dub Hop / Midtempo Breaks

Coming from the mossy forests of Vancouver island on the west coast of Canada, Kaminanda’s ever evolving sound is a playground of original deep midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, creative trip hop, complex world bass and lush downtempo textures.
Playing live sets with guitar, keyboards, flutes, melodica, and vocals  Kaminanda’s music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing diverse landscapes reflecting the evolution of our collective consciousness.
Kaminanda’s mission statement… To produce and perform music that uplifts the spirit of the listener, while allowing for the natural ebb and flow of light and dark… Melodies channeled from within, rhythms from around the world and beats and bass that sway the body into ecstatic release… Keeping it smooth and sexy while tapping into the unlimited realms of adventure, beauty and elevated states of consciousness… Intentional dance music that traverses the many forms of midtempo and downtempo, while keeping it FUN! Kaminanda is currently living and writing music in Southern California where he lives with his beloved and baby boy.

(Australia - Zenon Records) Psytrance

From a star system many light years away comes Merkaba, a forward thinking and inspiring light being incarnated into human form in Australia. Drawing musical influence from fusion jazz, funk, dub step, techno and break beat, Merkaba skillfully combines these to create his own style of psychedelic progressive trance and an epic dance floor journey of healing and awakening. Within realms of twisted delicacy and complexity, spiced and layered with a colour wheel of bold structures. The leading influence of the music dynamically spearheads along a forward-moving groove, and there is so much space between the notes that the invitation to internally engage is simply irresistible. For all the richness in the sound, it is profoundly spare, as well as jam packed with mind/heartful content. Merkaba's unique and organic sound challenges us to awaken to the forgotten ancient tribal spirit hidden in our cellular memory and to the infinite power in all of us.

(Evolve[-]d Productions, Enig'matik Records) - Experimental IDM

Representing Enig’matik Records & Evolve[-]d Productions, Jay Michael has been melting minds for a decade..

A yearly regular at virtually every major electronic music festival in Canada Jay Michael has carved a reputation for delivering memorable hypnotic journeys through the intelligent realms of techno and progressive psytrance. Freshly signed to Australian label Enig’matik Records Jay Michael has expanded his his musical depth to include the sounds of experimental IDM, glitch and future bass. With a decade of performances under his belt, expect nothing less than a moving, heartfelt, eyes closed journey through the sounds of psychedelica.


Live Hybrid Canvas by Visionary Artists
Shane Haltman and Shaun Friesen


Multi screen visuals provided by:

SnailPainter and Freezen Designs

Environment's created by our amazing friends at Bohemia

Sound and technology by IONIC SOUND

Sept 17th 2011
Hungarian Cultural Association
231 Forge Road SE
Calgary Alberta

18+ event

Tickets on sale next week at Grassroots
Tickets on sale Immediately at

$27 for the first 100 tickets
$32 regular pricing
$40 at the door