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We invite you on October 25th, to join us for the fifth instalment of Calgary’s most theatrical Halloween celebration, Bardo. Within the Tibetan Buddhism, there are six traditional states of death and rebirth known as the Six Bardos. This year we contemplate the fifth stage of Bardo - The visionary and auditory phenomena.

Chönyid bardo (Tibetan): is the fifth bardo of the luminosity of the true nature which commences after the final 'inner breath' (Sanskrit: prana, vayu; Tibetan: rlung). It is within this Bardo that visions and auditory phenomena occur. In the Dzogchen teachings, these are known as the spontaneously manifesting Thödgal (Tibetan: thod-rgyal) visions. Concomitant to these visions, there is a welling of profound peace and pristine awareness. Sentient beings who have not practiced during their lived experience and/or who do not recognize the clear light (Tibetan: od gsal) at the moment of death are usually deluded throughout the fifth bardo of luminosity.

* Special Theatrical Performance *

This is a COSTUME Cabaret - Halloween Costumes Strongly Recommended.
Bring ID - 18+

Music Acts:

Smoke Sign has an eclectic yet specific sound, pulling from both the ancient & modern worlds to weave audible magic. His conjurations are a fusion of many genres and media sources, combining elements of psytrance, house, techno, downtempo, world music & captivating vocals into his signature story telling style.

Staying true to his deep love for the music of other artists, Smoke Sign has collaborated with & remixed for many artists all over the world, including: Captain Hook (Iboga Records), Flowjob (Iboga Records), Funky Dragon (Iono Music), Tetrameth (Zenon Records/Weapon Records), Brujo's Bowl (Zenon Records/Triple Drop Productions), Kalya Scintilla (Enigmatik Records), Hedflux (Broken Robot Records), Merkaba (Zenon Records), and many more.

Daitya - Cosmic Tribe
James Carignan - Area709
Jay Michael - Area709, Evolved
Nokturnal - Area709, Zenon Records

Time Schedule:
9pm - 10:30pm - James Carignan
10:30pm - 12am - Nokturnal
12am - 12:15am - Bardo Performance
12:15am - 1:45am - Smoke Sign
1:45am - 3:15am - Jay Michael
3:15am - 4:30am - Daitya

Tickets: $25; $30 @ the Door
Tickets are now available on Zoobis!!! -