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TRUE HEART Celebration: Join us for a community-spirited event in honor of music, art and yoga!

In honor of his new album “True Heart", Shimshai’s first full band, high energy album in many years, Shimshai has decided to return to Canada and bless us with his music!

Shimshai is a California based musician with such a wide variety of styles and influences that he surpasses all categories. Whether singing the ancient Sanskrit mantras of India, the traditional folklore songs of South America, or performing his original works of divine inspiration, Shimshai's music invokes a sentiment of ancestral devotion and a dedication to higher consciousness. A self-proclaimed seeker of truth, described by many as possessing the voice of an angel, Shimshai is gifted with the innate ability to deliver his message flawlessly in several languages; most profoundly the universal language of Love and Oneness.
Surrounded by music from birth and formally trained on piano in his native state of Washington, today Shimshai performs effortlessly on guitar and other strings, piano, flute and woodwinds. His unique blend of reggae, jazz, kirtan, and folk, infused with a worldbeat influence, provides a diverse palette of musical expression and attracts a wide range of listeners. In his solo performance, Shimshai's energy always provides a sacred, intimate, heart-opening space for all who are present.
To experience the essence of this young mystic is to be taken down a musical journey that ultimately leads us back to the very core of our own inner existence. Shimshai, translated as "My Sun" in Hebrew is indeed una estrella brillante whose heartfelt expression, natural grace, and impeccable intention shall continue to inspire and manifest positive vibrations for generations to come.

The evening will begin at 5:00pm with a "Journey Into the Heart" - yoga practice lead by Alice Hong. Gentle practice with a heart focused meditation. No previous experience necessary, just a mat and a smile!

The music will beging at 6:30pm, and opening for Shimshai will be Amy Thiessen & Sparrow Grace, whose uplifting music will set the tone of the evening. The celebration will close with Musk'oaka, aka Andreas Adams, and his downtempo beats.

The event will be held at the Endeavour Arts Gallery, where a variety of paintings will provide a colorful backdrop for this evening's celebrations. The show will exclusively feature digital paintings by Simon Haiduk, an incredible visionary artist from British Columbia, as well as pieces by other artists such as Andrew Jones, etc. Pieces will be available for purchase.

Tea as well as other assorted elixirs and treats made by The Light Cellar will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

Tickets available for sale through Grassroots & online. Stay tuned for ticket release date!
$30 before October 1, $35 thereafter. $40 at the door.

"Shimshai's music emanates a divine presence and a quality of peace, a truly 'natural mystic' energy that flows into the hearts of his listeners.

His musicality is superb, as is that of his bandmates, and his singing is sublime and transcendent."

-Jai Uttal