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Evolve[-]d Productions Presents:

Visionary Nanotech
October 11th - November 5th, 2011 (Free Admission)
Closing Gala: Thursday November 3rd, 5pm -10pm (Free Admission)
exhibit preview featuring the futuristic sounds of BLUETECH (more info)

Calgary’s First Visionary Art Exhibition
Hosted at the Endeavor Arts Gallery
Suite 200, 1209, First Street SW, Calgary AB


Visionary Nanotech is loosely defined as "a techno-creative, concept based art,
design, or narrative that reaches beyond the edge of natural perception."

Calgary's first visionary art exhibition will focus on technically immaculate digitally
or hybrid crafted visions that are actively rewriting narratives and opening gates of
multi dimensional consciousness; actively growing our collective human spirit in
what we are able to perceive. This month long exhibition will include:


Android Jones

“Beyond the spectrum of what our visible eyes can perceive throbs an endless living current of creative energy that has been making its way here to Earth on a spiraling trajectory from the center of the universe. After millions of years of cellular development and ongoing evolution on this planet, humanity has earned the honor of tuning its conscious body to become a receiver and channel of this eternal energy. My art is the shadow of this light; the ashes of the fire that it leaves in its ever-present wake.

Novelty has a razor's edge – it is ceaseless in its pursuit after unheralded innovative applications to experience itself anew over and over again. The Art that I create is in service to this spirit. It keeps me up past the dawn, it feeds me an energy more precious than food itself. Throughout my whole life this energy has been guiding me onward, yet has never allowed me to gaze at its purpose. I am more than content to sit back and kneel in service to its endless unfolding mystery.”

In his art and in his life, Android Jones seeks to expand the infinite boundaries of reality. He is a technomystic visual pioneer of digital art. He draws on a classical background of academic and traditional skills to interface with the machine, communicate to the mind and connect to the heart. Android takes advantage of multiple mediums of creative expression to further push art history forward into the future. Harnessing the power of electricity Andrew bends light to shape dreams. As a creative evangelist Android Jones’ mission is to inspire in a way that makes a difference and thus increase the bandwidth of human creative potential. As our collective consciousness expands, simultaneously technology continues to evolve exponentially. Android Jones has signed up for a ticket to ride the edge of this wave toward singularity and beyond into the 4th dimension.



The Phadroid experience is a combination of software, hardware and heart-ware that enables projected visuals to organically tune into the fluidity of motion created on stage.

The shapes, colours and images generated by visionary artist Android Jones accentuate and intuitively blend in with a multitude of intricate dance movements created on stage by his creative reality navigator and dancer, Phaedra Jones. As the experience unfolds the connection between the two artists becomes palpable, leaving people touched by living human potential.

Android and Phaedra Jones are pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive live expression that has pushed interpersonal, artistic, and technological boundaries.

Phadroid synthesizes ancient and contemporary forms of expression through cutting edge visual and dance vocabularies. The seamless fusion of live movement and live digital art projection unfolds in real time,
invoking new patterns of response from its audience as the artists tap into the same current of creative energy until a new level of spatial depth is achieved.

The innovative physical-visual-audio state of synaesthesia created by Phadroid carries a potential to solidify into an entirely new form of artistic expression that continues to push the boundaries of human creative and receptive potential.


Simon Haiduk

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon developed strong foundations in visual arts, music and an affinity with nature. In 1999 he attended a Fine Arts program at UCC in Kamloops and soon discovered that he would rather travel, and learn more on his own. This led Simon to various parts of Central and South America. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full-time endeavor. As a mostly self-taught artist, Simon has explored various mediums, and subjects, with a strong influence in spiritual themes. After some time touring in art shows and festivals with a group of similarly themed artists, Simon decided to further his skills in Digital Design, graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2007. He currently works out of his studio as a freelance artist, while continuing to explore an ever-expanding palette of creative endeavors. Simon’s art continues to be shown in various public and private galleries throughout the world.

Empowering my creative force is the love, respect, and understanding that all life comes from the same source and can be shared in many ways. This exhibit reflects the awareness of reconnecting to our planet as a living entity, and represents natural sanctuaries where peace is found in presence. Many of these paintings are inspired by my experiences in the coastal forests of British Columbia and California. These forests have a majesty that evokes an alignment with the spirit of earth and a connection to nature that is often missed in modern habitats. In my dedication to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing work and living life that maintain this harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. Each creation reflects an aspect of this journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities in an unfolding awareness of that which connects us all.


The creation of these paintings comes from a combination of techniques involving oil, acrylic and digital media. The digital aspects are hand painted using a stylus and tablet interface that works with painting software on the computer. These combine to mimic and expand on traditional painting media. Some paintings start from a sketch or photo of a location I’ve visited, and some are from memory or pure imagination. Once complete in digital form, they are then printed on professional artist grade canvas or paper, with archival inks and coated with a UV safe varnish, then sold as Limited Editions. This high quality printing process is often referred to as Gicleé printing. I intend to eventually animate this series with music for an additional feature to gallery showings. 

 Mugwort Artemisia

Isaac Mills is a digital painter and explorer from Nova Scotia. He chose the moniker "Mugwort" to embody his intention as an artist. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a sacred tool used by ancients for lucid dreaming and astral projection, and much of his art blossoms from scattered sensory recollections of his own dreams. He seeks to strengthen the flow between the gateway of the dreaming and waking worlds, to open imaginal portals for the viewers and to guide them to an internal temple of inspiration and awakening. Much of his work is thematically centred around a paradigm shift that he sees happening around him in the world, and portrays archetypal forces, ancestral depths, evolution and shamanic symbolism. Visually synthesizing windows into both the bygone industrial era and a multitude of potential future realities, he anticipates the brink of time. 

"I am continually inspired to explore the limitless potential of the imagination.  I seek to represent imaginal journeys and dreams as crystallized visions, in order to help remind the waking world of the dreaming.  Practicing visual art since I could walk, drawing and painting have always been natural outlets. When I switched to digital painting in 2009, I discovered that with this new medium I was able to portray my visions more clearly and accurately.

Many of my pieces start as concept sketches of ideas or visions I've had, and evolve into to finished images as I apply the use of several programs and a wide variety of digital techniques and custom tools. I employing a synthesis of drawing, digital painting, graphic design, and sampling, relying on intuition to guide the ascetic evolution of an image. The Wacom tablet is my preferred tool. My inspirations come from my dreams, moments of lucidity in everyday life, nature, sound, the sky and inner alchemy. My art has been displayed at galleries and festivals in Canada, the US and Europe."


George Atherton

"My artwork is a medicinal narrative, planting the seeds of (r)evolution.  My practice is to link each piece with specific documentaries and information, cross-pollinating the collective awakening.  May these artworks inspire self-awareness and compassionate action."

All pieces are 100% digital paintings, printed and stretched as limited edition giclee canvases.


Justin Totemical

Justin Guse (Totemical) continues to grow in the northcoast of North America in Vancouver, BC. Utilizing digital creative software since the age of 12, Justin has found himself blurring the lines between the material and the virtual as well as the scientific and the spiritual. His precision offers viewers of his work insight into the depth and complexity of nature, but his vision carries us beyond known realms.
"I try to dedicate myself to the digital medium. I'm really obsessed with using technology as creative tools, Manipulating Light directly with energy .. Plus new innovative software and tools are being created every year, almost to the point of augmentation. Which is really exciting, the fact that one day we may be able to directly stream our creative consciousness through the use of micro / nano technology."


Sunny Chancellor

The Centered Series represented here was originally a part of a larger collection of digital images compiled for a completely digital show put on by Sunny Chancellor. The show was visioned as an exploration of the variability of the digital and to showcase its flexibility.  The Centered Series in particular also represents the infinite variability of human perception.  The center of everything that we perceive is represented by the Blue Pearl,  which is said to be seen at the highest state of meditation, and can be considered the starting point of consciousness. Each piece starts at the Blue Pearl and expands outward, just as our minds start at the center of self and expand outward. The pieces here are created by blending the 2d and 3d utilizing Photoshop and Maya,  by rendering and layering each piece from the foreground to background.

Sunny Chancellor has been working in digital medium for over 15 years.  Getting an early start in game design and production, he moved over into the 3d animation and illustration realms and continues to explore every aspect of the digital art world.  Expressing through the digital has allowed his great love of color and form to expand and express in the same infinite way that the computer continues to evolve and change.


Vincent Domazet

Vincent “Vinicello” Domazet is a visionary artist. His pieces show a thoughtful use of digital photography and a willingness to explore what he would call mystical experiences to gain new insight and new ideas. His work shows a bold colour palette with a myriad of subtle details that awaken as your mind opens to each piece. The work gently urges you to pause and connect with the concepts.

Already featured in several private collections, Vince's work has been shown at several private buying events along with exposure at several large-scale music festivals. Most notably is Shambhala; a 12000 person music mecca which takes place every August in BC. His pieces have also been commissioned as part of the Lucid Lotus collection for their design work at the 4th annual Astral Harvest festival in Northern Alberta, taking place in July of 2011.

His visionary approach to art first came into play years before when Vincent was a dj. When listening to music, images would start forming in his mind, but at the time, he had no way to express these ideas. “2-1/2 years ago, a very personal and introspective experience changed something and my talent appeared within a couple weeks of that.” It led to a huge departure from his static business and corporate background. It truly was a life-changing experience for him.

Transforming the ideas from computer screen to many different mediums has been an exciting time of exploration for Vincent. Working with sheet metal, tile, acrylic, canvas among many others takes the creative visions to new dimensions with which to interact with the audience and to communicate many different feelings and moods.

It separates him from a field of fleeting digital dabblers and has allowed his work to show alongside more traditional artists and to extend his reach to a much broader audience.

Approaching Infinity - Crystal and Spore

Join Sijay James, Delvin Solkinson, Naasko wripple, Noah Pred and Luna Ravenchilde on a multimedia journey into the post rave paradigm, recorded live in the Temple of Life at ENTHEOS 1. This video document explores concepts like permaculture, technological advance, visionary art and transformational awakening. Crystal and Spore has been presenting multimedia content since 2002 at a wide variety of festivals and conferences around the world. Early proponents of the Galaxy Class and Freeschool concepts, C&S has been deeply involved in the educational aspects of the electronic dance music experience, helping to set up workshop environments and conference components at numerous gatherings, including the BOOM festival, Shambhala, Synergenesis, IN:VISION, Reconvergence of the Tribes and ENTHEOS. Using 3 screens, a playlist of music, spoken word and interpretive dance, C&S explore the implications and applications of the visionary world, the challenges that lie ahead for humanity and some semblance of solutions that we all can take part in.