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Inshala IV
Dreams Awake - Living our Highest Vision
Conference and Celebration
June 10, 11, 12th 2011

...Inshala IV - Dreams Awake. This year’s theme is about living our dreams now, being the change that we wish to see - being our highest visions of ourselves. Throughout the conference we will have a wide variety of inspiring facilitators share their passions and talents with us.

Inshala is a family orientated weekend event in the great outdoors of Southern Alberta. Inshala represents gathering community, celebrating Southern Alberta's Land, and making time for timelessness. Inshala is a co-created gathering of people from many communities. People come from near and far to share their insights, talents and passions with each other.

The conference offers a variety of experiences from Speakers, to Movement Workshops, to Art Explorations. There will also be a Kids Zone and Playgrounds, Artisan Market, Art Installations, Fire Spinners, The Kindred Tea Lounge and a walking Labyrinth. Our evenings will be filled with soothing sounds, groovy beats, and inspiring performers for all ages to enjoy with 2 stages offered in the Main Dome, as well as in the Chill Tent.

Inshala is hosted within the beautiful Coulees, upon the trees and near the Old Man river in the Fort Macleod area. This is a camping event.

If you wish to offer a workshop, play a set, set up to vend, share a performance, volunteer or have any other feedback, please email us further.

First 50 tickets will go on sale for a discounted price. Tickets will be available by January 15th.

First 50 tickets - $80
2nd Round of Tickets - $100
Tickets at Door - $120

Kids under 14 free,
Seniors over 65 free.

What is Inshala?!

Welcome to In:shala - a gathering of those who have received the calling of Spirit to gather here together.
Inshallah is an ancient arobic term which literally translates into english as "God Willing or God Wishes". The meaning has grown and evolved for this gathering to embody "Spirit Guiding, with Positive Intention and No Expectation."

You have been invited here to Come as You Are.
As we gather to sanctify this environment where the invocation to 'Make Time for Timeslessness' has been intended.
All aspects of the journeys of Spirit and its uniquely corresponding experiences are welcome - from the infintile to the elderly, each is sacred to the Self.

Intentional Inshala Disclaimer:

Inshala is a family orientated event, which rests upon a foundation of self accountability and collective empowerment. Any irresponsible activities will not be welcomed, and the organizers reserve the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone who chooses to disrespect this unified vision.