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Metatron’s Cube, Ionic Sound & Evolved Productions presents:

Ξ Winter Solstice VI Ξ
December 18 & 19th, 2010
The Saskatoon Farm

Ξ Meta:Vision Ξ

Once again we have been invoked to gather & celebrate the shortest day and longest night of the year. You have been invited to join us in lending witness to this cycle which is coming to a close. In releasing from this segment of our journey, we allow ourselves to begin anew & prepare our seeded intentions for the return of The Sun. You are welcome to take part in this gathering & it is asked of you to find ways to enrich the experience of others!

There will be workshops hosted which will begin on
Saturday afternoon within the Acoustic Sound Healing Temple. One intention which will be embodied for these workshops is to broaden and explore our latent potentials for communication.
This environment embraces feedback & active participation as these are opportunities which will contribute insight and support of further exploration, beyond the context of the presentation.

Our potluck is rooted in a vision which is to draw the culinary artist out in each of us! It will be begin after the first two workshops, within The Restaurant Lounge. Please bring an abundant homemade gift of your inspiration to share and
please list all ingredients and indicate if the dish is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc.

Ξ Itinerary Ξ


5:30 - 7:00
~ eYen ~
“Gifts from the Inner Dark" - Workshop.
Somatic Resources and Physical Metaphor.
The aim of this work is to embody a shift in consciousness
and empower innate intelligence within the body.
Turning inwards to emerge.
Surrendering to inspiration, support, and nourishment.
Honoring cycles, rhythms, and dynamic needs
Playing within sensation as we awaken
Fluent possibility as Moving Thinking Bodies
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Temple upstairs~

7:00 - 8:08
~ Potluck ~
The Restaurant Lounge
Gathering in Metatron's Cube for opening ceremony @ 8:08ish

8:08 - 9:00
~ Opening Ceremony & Inner Journeys with Kylee Dawn ~
Hosted in Metatron's Cube

9:15 - 10:15
~ Cassandra Caroline ~
Permaculture of Contact Dance - Workshop
Inspired by Permaculture, writings from Nala Walla ( and contact dance-improv, we will explore
the potentials of contact improv for inspiring thoughtful interactions with ourselves and our surroundings, in both
the natural and built environments.
Our emphasis will be on collaborative play, movement and sound to connect presence and observation on the dance floor with the power of participatory art and sustainable community building.
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Temple upstairs~

10:15 - 11:45
~ Stan and Jasmyn ~
Partner Massage - Workshop
Come experience the bliss of a guided touch meditation. Where you and your partner will embark on a fun meditative and playful multicultural massage experience that has strong roots in Indian, Thai, and Burmese massage traditions. Explore a deeper sense of relating to one another by integrating your consciousness through breath into a massaging touch, releasing the body of pain and discomfort leaving you and your partner feeling a deeper connection with yourselves and each other. You do not need to have a partner to participate, those of you that come as singles can have a wonderful experience being paired up.
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Temple upstairs~

11:45 - 12:45
~ Adam Craig ~
Kirtan: Sacred Chant and Mantra - Workshop
In this workshop Adam will lead chants in ancient Sanskrit and English, which are recited to invoke a sense of stillness, connection and space for meditation and sound. Participate or observe, all are welcome in this experience of gratitude for life.
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Temple upstairs~

12:45 - 4:44
~ Open Acoustic Sound Healing Facilitations ~
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Temple upstairs~

Ξ The Lounge Ξ

- 9 - Alex GoopSteppah -
- Chill-Step’n - (Montreal)

- 10 - Mike Zjako -
- Scrumptious sounds and leftist meanderings (Edmonton)

- 11 - RGB MindCollapse -
- Experimental Glitch - (Calgary)

- 12 - Flor -
- Melodic Glitch - (Calgary)

- 12:45 - Talik -
- Electro-Acoustic IDM - (Calgary)

- 1:15 - Musk’Oaka -
- Melodramatic IDM - (Calgary)

2:00 - B.C. Dub Cats -
- An audio visual experience in culture jamming
featuring free-range smoked dubtronica and ubiquitous
motion graphics - (Nelson)

- 330 - Jay Michael -
- IDM/Dub/World Beat - (Calgary)

- 430 - Valensky -
- Deep eclectic beats - (Calgary)

There will be Tea being served by our friends at Oolong Teahouse in the Lounge throughout the night - Enjoy!

The Light Cellar will be featured, offering nutrient dense, raw organic superfoods - 'Gifts of the Gods'!

Ξ Metatron's Cube Ξ

~ Featured Visual Artist - Shaun FreeZen~

Shaun will be presenting the past 3 years of cumulative content from his new media body of work 'Digital Union'.

A container collecting rainwater, this hand crafted content is sculpted into a multi-dimensional mandala which includes still images; the stained glass-like mirrors of collective consciousness, flowing portal videos; which reference iterative micro/macro fractal systems like Ray and Charles Eames' 1977 animation classic Powers of Ten, and live visual performances; which showcase the infinite possibilities of live visual data remixing, building on the Cubist notion of depicting all observable angles of a subject at once, by showcasing all points in time at once.~

- 9 - Nate Spektacle -
- Tribal Techhouse - (Calgary)

- 10 - Murray -
- Nebulous Electro - (Calgary)

- 11 - Jay Micheal -
- Psydub & World Bass (Calgary)

- 12:00 - Naasko -
-, Invisible -
- Dubby Breaks & Tribal Tech - (Nelson)

- 1:30 - Ursa -
- Tech House (Calgary)

- 2:30 - eYen -
- Luscious Glitch-Hop - (San Francisco)

- 3:30 - Alex GoopSteppaH’ -
- JungleLicious Dub - (Montreal)

- 4:15 - TrebleSum
- Tycho Records
- Midtempo Psychedelic Crunk - (Calgary)

Ξ Ticket Information Ξ

Tickets will be available in store this week - TBA.
Limited tickets available:
- 1st 50@$30, Next 100@$35, remaining tx@$40

Online Tickets may be purchased at:

In Calgary they are available at:
Grassroots, Kensington: 112–10th st. N.W.

Ξ Volunteering Ξ

For those who are interested in volunteering at this event, there are still some available times slots open.

Please contact Jeri-Lee for more information -

**All volunteers pay full ticket price and then upon the
completion of their commitments, they will be fully reimbursed**

Ξ Venue Details Ξ

We uphold consistent effort in maintaining optimal relations with all of our venues. The purpose of this is clearly within sustaining our ability to continue these events into the future. Please help us to continue building venue rapport by:

#1. Please do not litter outside

#2. This is a Cash only event - there will be no bank machines or visa/debit service available.

#3. In the fire pit, do not burn anything other than our allotted firewood!

#4. Please do not flush anything down the toilets other than human waste and toilet paper.

#5. There is absolutely no smoking inside any of the buildings.

#6. Feel free to bring cushions or blankets to sit on, as there is plenty of room available to do so.

#7. There are no drugs or outside alcohol permitted - bags are subject to search.

#8. Please be mindful of your actions in and around the facility.

#9. Respect yourself through respecting each other and please take care of the venue!

#10. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to any who lack responsibility for their actions.

Ξ Directions Ξ

From Calgary;
Southwards for 19 km on Hwy #2 (Macleod Trail) - beyond the city limits, or follow the Deerfoot Trail to where it converges with Hwy #2, continue 8 km past the Okotoks overpass.
Turn left (east) at the old railway display on 338 Ave.
(look for the Saskatoon Farm signs.)
Travel straight east on 338 Ave. for 3 km (the road goes directly to the farm)

If coming from the south,
take your 2nd right after crossing the Sheep River on Hwy #2, just north of Aldersyde.